Holiday Party Style Guide

Can you believe that it is the holiday season once again?! It feels like we were talking about summer looks just yesterday, but here we are—approaching another busy season of hustle and bustle. We know that the holidays are always so packed full with attending and hosting gatherings and shopping for gifts that sometimes, the season can pass far too quickly. Sometimes, we look back at the holiday season and realize that we didn’t really get a chance to enjoy it because of everything we had on our “to-do” list. For the fashion obsessed, one of the things on that list is usually, “figure out what to wear to <insert holiday party here>”. Lucky for you, we are here to help! Whether you are attending an office party, a friendsgiving, a family party, or a more formal event—we’ve got you covered!



Work All Day, Party All Night


We know what it’s like to work all day and then have an office holiday party to attend after hours. We know how much of a hassle it is to have to go home, completely change, and then head back out. If you’re anything like us, during the winter season, once we are home—we want to be home for good—so the thought of going home to change just to venture back out—we don’t like it. But that is where a look like this comes in handy! The basic black top paired with the snakeskin pant is classy and completely office appropriate, but it is also an easy transition from day to night look! This way, there is no pit stop in between work and play—you can just go directly from work to play with ease! And can we talk about those pearls for one second?! They are everything, and we all need them in our life, right?!



Anymore, it seems that the Friendsgiving party is a common tradition, and we love it! What could be better than getting together with some of your closest friends and celebrating the holidays? And even though the people you are gathering with are your tribe, lets me honest—you STILL want to be the best dressed one in the group, right? Don’t worry, we will keep your secret—we are the same way! That is where an outfit like this one comes in—you are still somewhat casual, but you are completely cool! Win/win!

You’ll walk into the party, and the first thing people will see is your show stopping jacket. You know what they say about first impressions, right? From that moment on—all eyes will be on you! Take the jacket off, and you’re still looking completely flawless with the coated pants, cozy sweater, and metallic gold boots! Your outfit will surely be the one to beat next Friendsgiving!

Two Thanksgivings and a Christmas


Ah, the holiday season. So calm and serene, right? Ha! Typically, this time of year is anything BUT calm! We all know what it’s like to get the phone call from a family member or friend informing you about the holiday party they are hosting and would love for you to come to, and then you look at your calendar and see that you already have two gatherings planned for that exact same day! Because you don’t want to let them down, you agree and figure that you’ll simply have drinks at one party, appetizers at the other, and dinner at the third. When it comes to a busy day like that— your outfit is incredibly important because you want something you are comfortable in, something that will transition from day to night, something that won’t wrinkle after wearing it all day, and lastly, something that will impress your friends and will also appease your Aunt Betty’s dress code. We got you!

When you pair these black denim pants with the cream leopard print, you create an eye catching look right off the bat! But when you add in the brown snakeskin boot…the outfit is a game changer, for sure! This is the perfect time to talk about accessories, too! This outfit could easily be super casual, but with the right accessories (like the black hat featured in the photo!), you can take a cozy sweater and dress it up just enough!


Sparkle and Shine

Who doesn’t love a good party where you get to dress up a little more than usual? Maybe even add a little extra shimmer to your outfit just because you can! The holidays are a time where we were a lot of sparkles and shine…just about everywhere—including our wardrobe! A lot of times, this look is the hardest one for people to put together because it’s not what they wear everyday, but don’t fret because we have SO MANY glammed up pieces at the store right now—you’re sure to find something that you LOVE and will make you shine bright!

Take both of these looks, for example. They have just the right amount of sparkle added to them. Enough for people to stop and take notice, but not too much that you feel like a tinsel covered Christmas tree. ha! In fact, one of them doesn’t have any sparkle at all—but it still has that look and feel with the shimmery tank top and coated bottoms. With that look, you ADD the sparkles with accessories, and viola! You are dressed to the nines for a fancy night out celebrating!

No matter what type of holiday gathering you have to attend this year, we’ve got you covered at Kelley Cawley! Stop in one of our locations, and our stylists are ready and willing to help dress you from head to toe to help make sure that you have one less thing to stress about this holiday season!