Done Deal

Twice a year, we put on our Semi-Annual sale, and by now, you know that, when it comes to our sale, we live by the motto, "go big or go home", and this year...there was absolutely no going home! The sale has been bigger and better than ever. So many brands. So many items. SO MUCH SAVINGS!

In fact, we had so much on sale this season… that we STILL have SO MANY items to choose from! And lucky for you, our sale is going on until February 8th! That’s right, ladies, you still have an entire week to shop our lowest prices of the season! However— don’t wait much longer. Items fly out the doors this time of year, so you don’t want to miss out on finding that perfect piece, right?! We promise you that we've got something that you'll love…at a price you'll love even more! For our blog this month, we thought that we'd take a second to answer some of the questions that we know you're dying to ask us about the sale!

Is the sale *really* that big of a deal?

In short? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT! This sale only happens twice a year. That's it. No more. No less. Which means that a lot of merchandise goes on sale at the same time. It also means that a lot of women flock to the store during the sale dates to get the best of the best. should *probably* head to the store as soon as you can to ensure you are one of those lucky ladies who gets that epic savings. We’ve only got one week left—don’t miss out!

Are the sale prices *really* worth all the hype?

Once again—in short— YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT (again)! Go big or go home...remember? Every single item that we put on sale is at least 40% off. AT. THE. LEAST.  Not enough? Okay—how about this? We're even talking double markdowns on some select items. And in case you don’t want to do math right now—double markdown on 40%…is 80%. EIGHTY PERCENT! The prices are unbeatable and totally worth the hype!

Will I *really* find something that I like?

Nope. You’ll look through all the sale merchandise, and you won’t find something that you really like. (Say whaaa?!). Yep, we said it. We only speak the truth here at Kelley Cawley, and we’re not going to lie to you. You won't find something you'll find something you LOVE. (See what we did there?!)

Right now, we literally have everything on sale. Tees, tanks, sweatshirts, shorts, pants, jeans, dresses, jackets, jewelry, cold weather accessories, shoes, sunglasses, etc! Basically, if we carry it in the store during any season—we've got it on sale! Not to mention that we carry sizes XS-3XL, so we have items in all sizes on sale. Trust us, it will be very hard for you to NOT find something that you love on sale. 

Just in case you still don’t believe us— let us mention the fact that we have brands on sale that you guys are obsessed with! Brands like Hudson, Seven for All Mankind, Paige, Free People. Alternative Apparel, Chaser, Michael Stars, NYDJ, Bobeau, Dex, Sam Edelman, Dolce Vida, and the list could go on and on! These are the brands that you love, and these are the brands that are on sale. 

Are all the items pictured in this blog *really* on sale?

One last time....YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT! All of the items that are pictured in this blog (plus so many more!) are on sale during our Semi-Annual Sale!

*Side note--we cannot guarantee that we will have your size in the items pictured or that they are still available. Sale items go quickly, and they will vary from location to location. *

Our Question to You: What are you waiting for?

The sale ends February 8th! SEVEN DAYS! Head over to your closest Kelley Cawley location, and shop these fashion deals & steals! We promise that you will not regret it! Not to mention that we have TONS of new arrivals--you know, to make up for all that apparel that we put on sale! One our our stylists will be happy to help you shop this sale and walk out feeling like you stole yourself a whole new wardrobe! 

See you soon!